The Risen King

The Risen King gives a detailed exploration of the events leading up to Christ's death, burial, and resurrection. Dr. Thomas Halstead and Dr. William Varner unpack the historical and spiritual context of the pivotal moments, illuminating the significance of Christ's act of ultimate love for the world. This series aims to be a powerful reminder of the hope and redemption Christ's resurrection brings to us.

About this Series

  • Series Length: 2 Hours and 54 Minutes
  • Instructor: Dr. Thomas Halstead and Dr. William Varner

Ep. 1 The History of Passion Week

Ep. 2 The Path of the Messiah

The Messiah’s path of suffering is essential for the path to glory. In this episode, Dr. Varner elaborates upon the importance of Jesus’ suffering in redemptive history from Matthew 16-17.

Ep. 3 The Transfiguration

By drawing parallels to the glory of God on Mr. Sinai and the glory of God at the transfiguration, Dr. Varner elaborates upon this critical moment as a foretaste of the glory which will be revealed in the second coming.

Ep. 4 The Roots of Passion Week

The beginning of passion week did not begin at the triumphant entry of Christ. Dr. Varner further details upon the transfiguration’s relation to passion week as the preview of Jerusalem, the second coming, and path to glory.

Ep. 5 The Reality of the Resurrection

At the crux of the Christian faith and reality is the resurrection. Join Dr. Varner reflect upon this truth while incorporating apologetics and eye-witness accounts to analyze the validity of the resurrection.

Ep. 6 The Road to Emmaus

In this episode, Dr. Varner comments upon Jesus’ interaction with the two disciples on the road to Emmaus and reminds us to check our own heart’s response to the risen King.

Ep. 7 Vantages of the Resurrection

By analyzing the various vantage points, appearances, and impact of the resurrection, Dr. Varner highlights the importance of perspective in order to properly understand and piece together the gospel accounts.

Ep. 8 The Ascension

The resurrection is incomplete without the ascension. Although overlooked in passion week, Dr. Varner stresses upon the importance of the ascension by connecting the fulfillment of the Mount of Olives in Acts 1:9-11.

Ep. 9 Atonement and Ascension

In this episode, Dr. Varner further elaborates upon the ascension in terms of the day of atonement and concludes with the importance of the gospel message growing our love for the Lord.

Ep. 10 Garden of Gethsemane

In this episode, Dr. Halstead introduces his section of this series, which will primarily focus on John chapters 18-20. He then takes us to the Garden of Gethsemane and the events that took place there leading up to Christ's arrest.

Ep. 11 The Jewish Trials

In this episode, Dr. Halstead ties in the historical context, details, and politics of the Jewish trials, Peter’s denial, and Jesus’ response to the Sanhedrin’s false accusation.

Ep. 12 The Roman Trials

After discussing the Jewish trials, Dr. Halstead details in upon the context of the Roman trials, character of Pilot, and irony of the Jews observing Passover while crucifying the Passover Lamb.

Ep. 13 The Persecution of Jesus

In this episode, Dr. Halstead comments upon common Roman practices and the torturous extent of persecution Jesus bore before the crucifixion.

Ep. 14 Crucifixion of Christ

Dr. Halstead reflects upon the varying reactions of Simon of Cyrene, the Roman soldiers, Mary Magdalene, and Mary - mother of Jesus - at Golgotha.

Ep. 15 Jesus’ Seven Statements

Jesus’ seven statements on the cross are arguably the most important statements in redemptive history. Join Dr. Halstead comments upon the theological significance and fulfillment of Jesus’ actions on the cross.

Ep. 16 The Empty Tomb

In this episode, Dr. Halstead elaborates upon the role of Joseph of Arimathea, in addition to the disciple’s wonder and astonishment of the empty tomb.

Ep. 17 The Risen Christ

Dr. Halstead gives a brief overview of the encounters and impact the resurrected Christ has on Mary Magdalene and the disciples.

Ep. 18 Transformational Obedience

The transformation of Thomas and restoration of Peter summarize John’s account of the crucifixion and resurrection, as Dr. Halstead explains the primary theme of the book of John as signs and wonders to testify and prompt us into obedience.

Ep. 19 Resurrection Impact

Reflecting upon Jesus’ conversation with Peter in John 21, Dr. Halstead reminds us to ask ourselves if we are growing in our wonder and love for the Lord this passion week.

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