Thinking Biblically About Media

The world uses media as a microscope to explore the human condition because individual people are desperately searching for meaning. Although often unacknowledged, an awareness of our need for a Savior is revealed in humanity’s art. For Christ followers, this can be concerning and prompts us to ask the questions: is media good, is it bad, or does it even matter?

About this Series

Is media good, is it bad, or does it even matter? For Christ followers, the answers to these questions matter as we walk throughout our daily lives.

  • Series Length: 53 minutes and 25 seconds
  • Instructor: Professor Matt Green

Ep. 1 Does Media Matter?

Media encompasses a wide variety of fields. In this lecture we discuss where media comes from and how it can affects an individuals worldview.

Ep. 2 How Should We Consume Media?

Media is all around us--it is impossible to ignore. With that in mind how should a Christ-follower engage with media? Can anything good come from media? These questions and more will be explored in this lecture.

Ep. 3 Should We Engage With Media?

Whether it is through TV, movies, books, music, or even social media can a Christian utilize these various platform to be a vessel for good? Should we even engage culture through media? In this lecture, Prof Green will work through these issues to help the Christian understand how to engage the world with the powerful tool of media.

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"We’re not swayed by the world. Rather, we need to interpret the world by Scripture."

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